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Remembering #42 Today

Greetings CLL Families:

Today marks a very special moment in our history.

On April 15th, 1947 Jackie Robinson took his position at 1st base for the Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field  and became the first African-American player to break the game's color barrier. Today Major League Baseball will honor him with every player wearing the number 42.  We want to start a tradition here at Cheltenham Little League to honor Jackie and more importantly, this moment in history.  If you have any ideas for ways to honor "42", send them in to us.  

For today, maybe do 42 jumping jacks together as a team during warm-up.  42 throws back and forth during throwing warm-up.  Clap 42 times in the huddle.  Keep the tradition of "42" alive in and on our fields and in our hearts - that's the goal for today. Send me a message at i.brockington@comcast.net and let me know what you did.

And of course, remember in addition to working hard out there and putting in your best effort, to have FUN while you're doing it. 

Reminder: Taney Little League will back at our complex this Thursday night, 7pm - come on out and cheer on our Cheltenham Little League team and welcome our friends from Taney!

Have a great rest of your day,


Irv Brockington

President, CLL








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Gimbel 6 - Elkins Park TBD (4/19) 
Gimbel 7 - Elkins Park OPEN (4/19) 
Gimbel 8 - Elkins Park OPEN (4/19) 
Gimbel 9 - Elkins Park OPEN (4/19) 
Gimbel Cage D - Elkins Park OPEN (4/19) 
Gimbel Cage E - Elkins Park OPEN (4/19) 
Woodland 1 - Cheltenham OPEN (4/19) 
Woodland 2 - Cheltenham OPEN (4/19) 
Woodland 3 - Cheltenham OPEN (4/19) 
Woodland 4 - Cheltenham OPEN (4/19) 
Woodland 5 - Cheltenham OPEN (4/19) 
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